Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University

Integrative Medicine Elective for Medical Students

During the second year, students may participate in an elective to learn how to provide therapeutic touch and healing touch and to communicate compassionately. This elective occurs in 90 minute blocks over 7 sessions in summer or fall depending on student interest. It is theoretically open to other students, but because of scheduling, it is unlikely to fit schedules of other students. Furthermore, most of our integrative medicine training is INTEGRATED into the curriculum. That is, cases in the organ systems courses include items that encourage students to think about treatments such as diet, stress management, massage, specific dietary supplements, homeopathy, etc appropriate to the specific clinical context.

Integrative Medicine Training for Allied Health Practitioners (e.g. nursing, psychology, physical therapy)

PA students receive a lecture in integrative medicine. Any level of trainee from any profession may Shadow Dr. Kemper in her consultations or second opinion clinic.

Integrative Medicine Distance Education Modules or Courses

On-line courses on herbs and dietary supplements offered through North Carolina’s AHEC program. These have been completed by over 1000 health professionals. Continuing Education credits are available for a fee. https://northwestahec.wfubmc.edu/learn/herbs_ce/index.cfm

Integrative Medicine Annual or Bi-Annual Continuing Education Conferences

Topics on integrative medicine are frequently included in courses offered by our Comprehensive Cancer Center, Women’s Health Center of Excellence, Department of Pediatrics, and via community outreach from NW AHEC.