University of Texas Medical Branch

University of Texas Medical Branch

Integrative Medicine Elective for Medical Students

This is a four week Elective in Integrative and Alternative Medicine (residents may take for 2 weeks). Offered monthly except May, June, and December. Includes clinical site visits – students will have an opportunity to work with alternative and Integrative Medicine practitioners in the Galveston and Houston area, spending at least 5 half-days per week with alternative practitioners observing their clinical practice. Includes weekly scheduled seminars with designated course faculty, student book club seminars, and self-study online educational modules. Students also present at the Alternative and Integrative Medicine Journal Club, devise a personal wellness plan, experience a massage and other alternative treatments. They also prepare a scholarly paper on an integrative topic, treatment, or condition of their choosing which will be published online at our website. Please see our website for information on goals and objectives: /elective.asp

Integrative Medicine Elective for Resident Physicians

Essentially the same as for students with options for other challenging assignments depending on level of interest.

Integrative Medicine Training for Allied Health Practitioners (e.g. nursing, psychology, physical therapy)

Classroom based, not clinical.

Integrative Medicine Distance Education Modules or Courses

See our website for web cases that can be used at a distance.