University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

Integrative Medicine Elective for Medical Students

The course is a 3-week course elective available to third and four year medical students. Students delve into the vast area of CAM though site-visits, small group discussions, lectures, and independent research projects. The specific objectives include:1) acquire knowledge on the principles and philosophy of holistic care; 2) demonstrate enhanced understanding of indications for a CAM referral; 3) describe how a patient care plan can integrate CAM therapies; 4) identify the role of self-care in professional and personal life. The course was started in 1998 and continues at the University of Minnesota campus offered twice a year in October and April. A similar rotation is now offered in Hawaii during February. The location of study is on the Big Island, in cooperation with Five Mountains Healing Center and the North Hawaii Community Hospital.

Integrative Medicine Elective for Resident Physicians

Within the Family Medicine Residency program at the University of Minnesota – residents can design their own elective CAM rotation pursuing areas of interest within the integrative medicine field.

Integrative Medicine Training for Allied Health Practitioners (e.g. nursing, psychology, physical therapy)

The Center for Spirituality and Healing has a wide selection of classes for allied professionals.

Integrative Medicine Distance Education Modules or Courses

The Center for Spirituality and Healing has designed learning modules that are accessible at