The Academic Consortium Opens Membership to Nursing Schools and Osteopathic Medical Schools

The Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health, comprised of 75 of the most prestigious universities and health systems in North America, has broadened its network to include nursing schools and osteopathic medical colleges.  This expansion represents the inclusive benefits of working together to develop, share, and implement new, more efficient approaches to patient care and overall health.  “Taking this action during Health Literacy Month in October, is our opportunity to reinforce the need for all members of the healthcare community to share their knowledge in development of new, evidence-based approaches to optimal health and wellness,” according to Academic Consortium Chair, Francoise Adan, MD.      

For more than 20 years the Academic Consortium’s member institutions have developed curricula and supported and published research in pursuit of a more inclusive, evidence-based view of health care.  Open access ( to progress and recommendations in key areas of public interest and government concern is intended to foster action surrounding: 

  • Pain management to reduce opioid use
  • Non-pharmacologic therapy for post-surgical pain, cancer pain and chronic pain
  • Options for addressing system and reimbursement barriers to coordinated, comprehensive health care, focused on overall health and wellness of each patient. 

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