Types of Membership:

  1. Academic Health Centers
  2. Health Systems
  3. Associate Institution

Institutions that wish to be considered for full membership in the Consortium must be an academic health center, hospital or health system, with active programs in integrative medicine/health in at least two out of three areas - education, research, or clinical services. Institutions that do not meet these requirements can apply as an Associate Institutional Member.

  • Education: The educational focus would include professional coursework and/or clinical rotations in integrative medicine/health.
  • Research: The research focus would include individuals engaged in systematic research investigation designed to contribute to the evidence base of integrative medicine, or who have collaborated with faculty from the Consortium and have publications contributing to the knowledge base of integrative medicine/health.
  • Clinical Care: The clinical services focus would include prevention and treatment services for individuals, groups or communities that include the integration of conventional medical approaches of surgery and pharmacology with other forms of evidence based complementary and alternative modalities.

Application Process:

To be considered for membership, the institution will need to submit an application that will consist of:

  1. A written request of participation by the senior leadership (e.g. CEO, COO) of the given institution.
  2. Supporting documentation, including a description of the organizational structure or working relationships of the institution's integrative medicine/health program and its ongoing efforts in at least two of the following: research, education, and clinical care. Supporting documentation should also address the institution's commitment to this field.

Completed applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee. Their recommendations and a summary of the application will then be forwarded to the Institutional Representatives for final decisions.

The Academic Consortium's EIN 56-2298880.

Academic Health Centers

According to the Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC), an Academic Health Center consists of an allopathic or osteopathic medical school and at least one other health profession school or program and at least one affiliated or owned teaching hospital. For consideration of membership, one of the schools (either the medical school or health professional school) must be a formally affiliated degree granting institution. Academic health centers must also:

  • Have an established program in Integrative Medicine/Health that includes ongoing work in at least two of the following three areas: research, education, and clinical care.
  • Have the commitment of the institution to the field of Integrative Medicine/Health, evidenced by expressed support of this institutional commitment from the senior leadership (Chancellor or Dean) of one of the Professional Schools and/or Health Center.

The current annual membership fee is $3,000.

Associate Institution

Academic health centers or health systems that do not yet meet at least two out of three areas - clinical care, education, or research, but are in the process of expanding their services to meet the criteria, may apply for Associate
Institutional Membership. Associate Institutional Members will be mentored by members of the Membership Committee for up to two years to meet the full membership requirements.

Associate Institutional Members will have full member benefits but shall not vote in business matters of The Consortium.

The current annual membership fee is $3,000.

Health Systems

A healthcare system is defined as a complex or network of facilities, organizations and trained personnel engaged in providing healthcare within a geographical area. A hospital or health care system is eligible for membership if it has documented affiliation agreements with a medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) and/or actively participates in residency, fellowship, doctoral of post-doctoral professional training of health care professionals.

Within the health system, there must be a focus on integrative medicine/health in two of three areas: education, research and/or clinical care.

The current annual membership is $3,000 per year.


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For additional information on eligibility and an application, please contact Dale West, Consortium Executive Director at