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Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine

Sep 15, 2022—Sep 20, 2022

This ONLINE evidence-based, transformational training gives you the science and tools you need to make mind-body medicine an integral, foundational part of your practice and your life. It is the first step in becoming certified by one of the world’s premier programs in comprehensive self-care and group support. For more information, visit

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Interoceptive Awareness Training

Sep 12, 2021—Sep 18, 2021

The non-profit Center for Mindful Body Awareness offers trainings to therapists who want to learn how to teach clients fundamental strategies to access and sustain mindful interoceptive attention to enhance client embodiment, self-awareness, and emotion regulation. Based on strategies from evidence-based approach Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy (MABT), this training is focused on fundamental skills…

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