Grand Rounds: Keeping Integrative Medicine Continuing Medical Education on the Cutting Edge – and Compliant – Where Are We a Year Later?

May 20, 2021 12:00PM—1:00PM


Presenters:  Iman Majd, MD, LAc, Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH, and Melinda Ring, MD, FACP, ABOIM

Integrative medicine and health education (IM/IH) – both ACCME and Joint Accredited – has unique opportunities and challenges in implementing the updated Standards for Integrity and Independence in Continuing Education deliberated by the ACCME. IM/IH topics may be construed as “controversial”, or as lacking adequate evidence; at the same time, they may also represent advances in medicine and well-being.  Importantly, educators in IM/IH may also have relationships with commercial entities and industry – which also must be appropriately addressed.  Therefore, accredited providers of continuing education in IM/IH must be thoughtful in their approach to delivering high quality education, and vigilant in addressing the updated standards.  In this session, the history and current developments of continuing education and IM/IH will be reviewed.  The session will expound proposed steps to address these updates and continue to meet the needs of learners/providers in IM/IH.