Clinical Resilience
February 2021
Clinical resilience to reduce stress and burnout may be more crucial than ever to the well-being of healthcare professionals and to the physician-patient relationship.  How is it defined and how can we harness the benefits most effectively for our healthcare workforce?  Download the PDF for some ideas worth considering.

Music Therapy
March 2021
Music’s healing power is well documented, recognized in the healthcare community since the second World War. Understanding its benefits, and given its history and current public embrace, how is music therapy best positioned within the current healthcare matrix of integrative services?  What is its relationship to the business of care? Download the PDF for details.

Integrative Nutrition Science/Research
April 2021
Nutrition is considered a foundation of lifestyle medicine, yet much remains to be learned so that it becomes mainstream in practice. Integrative nutrition science and research are leading the way, with targeted education lending breadth to our knowledge and depth to patient consultation and healthcare delivery. Download the PDF for details.

Integrative Mental Health
May 2021
The World Health Organization estimates that 450 million people suffer from mental or neurological disorders or from psychosocial problems. Integrative mental health (mind, brain and behavior) is an important portal to addressing a pressing worldwide need in healthcare. Helen Lavretsky, MD, MS suggests an “all hands on deck” approach to the world’s mental health crisis that will require a transdisciplinary collaboration of mental health professionals. Download the PDF for details.