INTEGRATIVE NURSING: A Portal to Patients’ Optimal Healing Environment, Whole Health and Well-Being

The nursing profession has always been associated with holistic patient care. Integrative nursing
has broadened nursing’s healthcare embrace with relationship-based, evidence-informed, and
collaboratively interdisciplinary interventions directed toward whole person health and well-being.
Given healthcare’s current focus on whole health, and medicine’s interest in salutogenesis, what
is the integrative nurse’s role in creating the optimal healing environment for every patient? This
could include recognizing the impact of nature, daylight, positive distractions, and aesthetics as
well as the social and economic determinants of health and well-being, access to fresh food
sources and appropriate health education and support services.
What are the current strengths and challenges of this field today? What are the integrative
nurse’s views of the future in clinical practice, education, and research?

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