Bylaws Committee

Ray Teets

Board Secretary
Ray Teets, MD
Institute for Family Health, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Chwan-Li (Leslie) Shen, PhD, CCRP, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Philip Barr, MD, ABIM, ABOIHM,
Duke University Center for Integrative Medicine
Annette Racer, RN, BSN, HTCP, HNB-C, Charles George VAMC

Nominating Committee


Rick Hecht, MD
University of California, San Francisco

Cara Feldman-Hunt, MA, FMCHC, University of Vermont
Lauren Grossman, MD, MPH, University of Colorado, Denver
Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH,
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Todd Kitchens, DO, CMHC, Central Maine Healthcare

Education Committee

The Education Committee works to understand and meet the educational needs of the Academic Consortium members.

Fellowship Review Committee

Chair, Esther Konigsberg, MD, CCFP, McMaster University
Amy Locke, MD, University of Utah (Board Liaison)
Iman Majd, MD, LAc, University of Washington
Maria R Mascarenhas, MD, University of Pennsylvania
Adam Rindfleisch, MD, University of Wisconsin
Jill Schneiderhan, MD, University of Michigan
Myles Spar, MD, MPH, UCLA, Liaison to ABOIM

Finance and Investments Committee

Sarah Ingersoll

Sarah Ingersoll, MS, MBA
University of Southern California

Mary Ann Barnes, MD, University of Cincinnati
Lauray MacElhern, MBA University of California, San Diego
Annie Moore, MD, MBA, University of Colorado, Denver
Kieran Richardson, MA, University of Arizona
John Sacco, MD, University of Cincinnati
Mary Koithan, PhD, RN, CNS-BC, FAAN, Washington State University
Saswati Mahapatra, MS, Mayo Clinic
Chao Hsing Yeh, PhD, MSN, RN, Johns Hopkins University

Membership Committee


Irene M. Estores, MD
University of Florida

Amy Locke, MD, University of Utah (Board Liaison)
Rebecca A. Schultz, NP, Aurora Health Care
John Pan, MD, George Washington University
Henri Roca, MD, Whole Health Institute
Erik Groessl, PhD, University of California, San Diego
Margaret A. Chesney, PhD, University of California, San Francisco
Jim Kimbrough, University of Arizona

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee serves to inform and influence the development of local, state, and national policy initiatives relevant to integrative medicine and to keep Academic Consortium members apprised of important developments through community efforts.

Pain Task Force


Heather Tick, MD
University of Washington

Arya Nielson

Arya Nielsen, PhD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Jeff Dusek, PhD, University Hospitals
Paula Gardiner, MD, MPH, UMass Medical School
Veronica Zador, BSc, S-IA, Beaumont Health
Lisa Taylor-Swanson, PhD, MAcOM, University of Utah
Sam Simmons, MPH, Oregon Collaborative for Integrative Medicine

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

Darshan Mehta Updated Picture[1]

Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine,
Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Shelley Adler, PhD, Osher Center,
University of California, San Francisco (Board Liaison)
Karen (Kae) Fink, BSN, RN, HNB-BC, LMT,
University Hospitals of Cleveland
Tyler Coy, MSW, RYT-200, University Hospitals
Jennifer Mei Gan, MBA, CRS,
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Lisa Howard, BS/BA, University of California, San Francisco
Debra McGinley, NBC-HWC, MA, MCHS,
George Washington University
Sarah Elizabeth Garza-Levitt, BSW, E-RYT, C-IAYT, C-MQI,
University of Utah, Huntsman Cancer Institute
Doreen Stein-Seroussi, MA< MPA, C-IAYT,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Tennessee Medical Center Knoxville
Annie Valentine, Med, University of Vermont
Sonia Sosa, MD, Oregon Health and Science University
Irene M. Estores, MD, University of Florida
Elizabeth Sommers, PhD, MPH, LicAc, Boston Medical Center