Taryn De Sio Garber, MS
NYU Langone Health

Cara Feldman-Hunt, MA, NBC-HWC
UVM Integrative Health

The Policy Working Group is an active group with participants from across Consortium membership organizations. The PWG’s recommendations are evidence-informed and support the Consortium-wide project of addressing the opioid epidemic and need for credible nonpharmacologic options in the treatment of pain.

In 2015 and 2016, the PWG has been in communication with The Joint Commission in an appeal to score and hence encourage healthcare facility adaptation of evidence-informed nonpharmacologic therapies for pain as part of the ‘Pain Standard’ (www.jointcommission.org)

The PWG is also creating Policy & Procedure templates to facilitate credentialing and privileging integrative practitioners in acute care and inpatient hospital settings. These are to include templates for regulated professions like Acupuncture and Massage therapy, and for modalities that are not regulated but for which there is substantial evidence, known collectively as Relaxation Response Therapies.

The PWG has also contributed support for the AMA project on updating CPT coding, specifically to support creating a code for Neurofeedback.

The PWG meets monthly and responds throughout the month to calls from member organizations who want to introduce or update policies to advance integrative medicine and health, and to promote health equity and quality of life for their patients and staff.