I’m experiencing pain, general health, or stress related problems. Where can I find an integrative medicine center for treatment?

The Consortium represents 61 Academic Health Centers and 13 Healthcare systems in the US, Canada, and Mexico, most of which offer clinical programs that treat the above conditions. If you live near one of the Consortium programs, you can contact them directly for information on referrals and clinical services. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to specific requests for referrals or recommend integrative medicine providers, beyond the Consortium Centers. Please see our Members page for links to our member institutions.

I’m a physician, physician in training, or allied health practitioner and I’m interested in pursuing further training in integrative medicine. How can I go about this?

Most of the Consortium programs provide some training for medical students and residents within their institutions, by way of lectures and clerkships. Some of these clerkships are open to allied health practitioners or to physicians-in-training from outside institutions. Additionally, several Consortium schools have integrative medicine fellowship programs. We now have a list on our site of training opportunities.

I’m in practice or pursuing training in a complementary medicine field and I’m interested in working in or setting up an integrative medicine program. Do you have any advice?

You’re welcome to contact any Consortium programs in your area for further advice. The Consortium programs are unique in that they are based out of medical schools or academic health centers and offer a combination of clinical services, research, and education. There are many community-based integrative medicine programs that provide a valuable clinical service and we are glad to foster the development of more such programs. Please see our Members page for links to our member institutions.

Where can I find out further information about integrative medicine?

Please see our Resources page.

How can my academic health center develop an integrative medicine program?

If your university or academic health center is interested in developing an integrative medicine program, the best place to start would be to contact one of the Consortium programs in your area. Staff from the Consortium institution should be able to answer questions and help get you started or pass the question to an appropriate person.

How can my medical school increase the integrative medicine education?

Click here for an integrative medicine curriculum guideline.