Colin Gold, L.Ac, DAOM

Charles Noel, LCSW
VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System

The Clinical Working Group (CWG) aims to facilitate the sharing of best practices among member institutions regarding clinical and administrative structures, credentialing, privileging, marketing, business development, operations, and creative business models. Our main goal is to create a collaborative atmosphere among CWG members who hold clinical, administrative, leadership, teaching and research roles at their organizations.

We collaborate with the Consortium's other working groups, Policy, Education and Research, on projects such as finding ways to electronically house information including protocols for patient care, clinical models, handouts, etc. as well as surveying Consortium members to systematically collect relevant clinical practice information to share with the rest of the membership.

We currently lead the Consortium’s ongoing Grand Rounds webinars.  They are routinely scheduled on the 3rd Thursday of each month from Noon to 1 PM ET. The topics include experience sharing of clinical services and practice as well as update of research, policy and education endeavors related to Integrative Health practice.

Grand Rounds Webinar Archive: Consortium members can view our past webinar topics and access the slides and/or recordings in Consortium Connect, the Academic Consortium's online community platform.

Next Webinar information: To view the next scheduled webinar, click here

Clinical Information Exchange (CIE) is the electronic platform of health-related information provided by Consortium members to facilitate the sharing of clinical standards, forms, codes, and other clinical practice related knowledge or skills by different integrative health clinical programs.  None of those includes any specific patient information. Please contact the CWG chairs if you would like to share yours.