Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was established in January 2004 and is the major governing body of the Consortium. The Board of Directors discusses and reviews the business of the Consortium. The Board of Directors consists of four officers, one at-large member, working group chairs, the membership committee chair, the executive director, and the immediate past chair.

 Chair: Frederick Hecht, MD – University of California, San Francisco

 Vice Chair: Francoise Adan, MD – UH Connor Integrative Health Network

 Immediate Past Chair: Robert Saper, MD, MPH – Boston University School of Medicine

 Secretary/Treasurer: Susan Carter, MMHC – Vanderbilt University


 Adi Haramati, PhD – Georgetown University

 Amy Locke – University of Utah

Scott Mist – Oregon Health & Science University

 Executive Director:

Dale West, CAE