Presented by the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health on behalf of more than 75 of the world’s most prestigious academic medical centers and health systems, the 2022 Bravewell Distinguished Service Award recognizes Frederick (Rick) Hecht, MD, Director of Research, University of California San Francisco Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and Osher Foundation Endowed Chair in Research in Integrative Medicine.  His work and dedicated service have made a lasting and especially meaningful contribution to the Academic Consortium and the advancement of integrative medicine and health.

The Bravewell Distinguished Service Award is one of the highest honors in integrative medicine, a field of care recognized for its focus on whole-person health and well-being and consideration of all available evidence-based therapeutic and lifestyle care approaches to achieve optimal health and healing for every patient.  

Dr. Hecht has served in a full range of Academic Consortium leadership roles, helping to guide momentum in the field of integrative medicine, including as Chairman of the Board of Directors during a period of significant growth, advocacy and expansion of member value.

Dr. Hecht, Professor of Medicine, UCSF School of Medicine, is trained in internal medicine, HIV medicine, and clinical epidemiology.  His research focuses on rigorous testing of lifestyle interventions and the health effects of mind-body interventions. He is the author of more than 250 peer-reviewed articles and has been the principal investigator of 20 NIH grants.


What is Integrative Medicine and Health: This field of care focuses on the whole person and the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, making use of all evidence-based therapeutic and lifestyle care approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.

Who we are: The Academic Consortium is the organizational home for more than 75 of the world’s most prestigious academic health centers and health systems with programs in integrative medicine and health.  Founded in 1999 by eight academic health centers (Duke University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of California, San Francisco, University of Arizona, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts, and the University of Minnesota).  The Academic Consortium represents thousands of scientists, educators, clinicians, and other health professionals who share an interest in the field of Integrative Medicine and Health. 

Our Vision:   A transformed healthcare system promoting integrative medicine and health for all.

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