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Education Working Group


The focus of the Education Working Group (EWG) is to facilitate a) the incorporation of teaching on Integrative Medicine (IM) into all levels of medical education and b) the application of IM principles and practices to all health care disciplines. To advance this mission, the EWG develops and implements a variety of plans for faculty training and collaborative resource-sharing in member institutions. The EWG is currently working on two major initiatives:

  1. Developing faculty capacity for implementing curricular change in integrative medicine education, and
  2. Developing integrative medicine training opportunities and longitudinal tracks in residency education.  

Both these initiatives require that faculty have knowledge in integrative medicine, organizational change methods, and personal leadership skills. 

Under the first initiative, the EWG has coordinated the proposal application process for facilitating new curriculum development of mind-body skills at 25 Consortium medical schools.  A plan to evaluate outcomes resulting from implementation of these activities is underway.  To further assist CAHCIM faculty to implement curricular change in IM, the EWG initiated a successful one day retreat in leadership skills development. The co-chairs are arranging for follow-up activities in collaborative leadership that will further build upon this event.  Specific plans to implement training of multi-disciplinary faculty teams at the institutional level as well as to develop model demonstration sites for integrative residency education tracks and electives in primary care and other medical specialties are proposed as next steps for funding. Systematic evaluation and dissemination of information on these curriculum successes and challenges will occur through articles, reports and/or user guides.

The EWG developed a set of competencies for undergraduate medical education (medical school level) that was published in the June 2004 issue of Academic Medicine: Core Competencies in Integrative Medicine for Medical School Curricula: A Proposal .  As a follow-up, the EWG project leaders developed and disseminated a curriculum guide that provided specific examples and illustrations from Consortium institutions regarding how medical schools can approach the implementation of the recommended competencies. The Guide for Medical Educators is no longer available in print, but all materials may be downloaded here.  The EWG is presently writing a follow-up article to this guide that will highlight these innovative curricula and provide additional examples from newer Consortium member schools.


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